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At Eriks’ we’re passionate about good food, our team and enjoying the beautiful location in which we live. We offer a fun, stimulating, energetic, flexible and well organised work environment. We love where we work and we strive to ensure that all our staff are able to enjoy everything on offer in Queenstown.

We’re a family run business, and while you’re a part of our team there is plenty of opportunity to develop your management and leadership skills. We offer you the chance to learn more about running a business and we encourage input into the everyday running of Erik’s.

We have had an incredible cohort of staff from all around the word, known for their friendliness, work ethic and enthusiasm for their beautiful surroundings. We would love to welcome more people to join our small, caring team. 

Here is what some of our past staff members have to say about their time at Erik’s:


What can I say about Erik’s Fish and Chips? 

It was honestly the best experience during my time in Queenstown, it allowed me to meet the most wonderful people and lifelong friends. I didn’t just learn about customer service or how to cook fish but what it takes to run a business behind the scenes. They taught me skills that go deeper and would help me more in the long run. Being a QRC student and learning in class about all this stuff while I was learning hands on at Erik’s. Brenda was an amazing teacher and took her time with me while I was getting the hang of things. The Erik’s team were family to me, and I will always appreciate that.  I loved working here and am really going to miss it! I can’t wait to come back.  

Amy from Australia

I worked for Anna over a period of 6 months in a welcoming team environment. She was very understanding and accommodating in the roster of my desire to ski as much as possible over winter, as well as given opportunities to take on more hours. I was given responsibility and independence in the role, whilst also enjoying the dynamic and fun team-based environment she creates in her business. 

I felt well supported over the lockdown, and Anna frequently checked in with her employees to see how they were doing. Anna is a fantastic person to work for with a lot of Queenstown connections, and I had a great experience in this team. 

Tram from Vietnam

It was my pleasure to work at Erik’s Fish and Chips. First of all, I was able to challenge myself with multitasking, not forget to have good times with workmates as well as customers. Besides working, we had the opportunities to connect and get along with each other better through team activities and travelling together. Thanks to the time working here, I could meet different people, learn from them and make good friends. I was lucky to have a chance working at Wanaka branch with amazing view and lovely neighbourhood. Nothing better than summer time by the lake side with some fish and chips. 

Moreover, there are opportunities and great support in career development at Erik’s Fish and Chips. I have learnt a lot from working here. It was my first time leading a team, I was nervous and doubting myself if I could do well. I really appreciate the support I had from Anna and Erik, as well as all my teammates, which helped me grow, fulfil my job and gain valuable experiences. 

For my last words, I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful time that I had at Erik’s Fish and Chips. This will forever be one of the best experiences I have ever had in New Zealand. 

Leah from Queenstown

Erik’s Fish and Chips is a family run business that caters well to school and university students in need of casual work over the Summer period. I was fortunate enough to join the team this Summer and learned a lot under the guidance of Brenda and other supervisors. I would recommend applying for this role because working here provides you with great skills and you will have the opportunity to make connections with local ‘regulars’, which was definitely one of my highlights. The range of tasks in the caravan mean that everyone can play to their strengths, Erik’s recognises this and taught me everything but let me focus on one area over the busy holiday period. Also, free food on the job is amazing, the donuts and the chips are particularly good daily staples. So what are you waiting for? Apply today! 

Marta from Spain

Working at Erik’s Fish and Chips was a delightful experience to me. The relationship among staff felt like being part of a small family, and I really appreciated our meetings in which our ideas were asked and valued. Moreover, serving gluten-free Fish and Chips and making people happy with them is truly rewarding, as well as you get to discover further the kiwi culture, with the local fish varieties and kiwi desserts.

Joy from Malaysia

It’s truly a blessing to have met Anna and the team at Erik’s Fish and Chips. It’s always encouraging to be part of a team who always strive for betterment. We often get together and everyone has the opportunity to give suggestions and feedbacks.

In Erik’s it’s not just about fish and chips, but to also enjoy the beautiful place we live in.

Max from Isle of Man

Hey, I’m Max and I’m proud to have been part of the family at Eriks fish and chips! I think the key word in that sentence is family for me, I really did feel like part of Erik and Annas family, it was brilliant. I am from a tiny place called the Isle of Man which is in the middle of Great Britain, so I was a long way from home! Having Erik and Anna there treat me like one of their own made for such a good experience when I was so far from my own family. It was the perfect job for me when I was working in NZ, I worked good hours and was able to get on the mountains or golf course a few times each week minimum.

I worked in Queenstown with some of the original Eriks staff and we had a great time, it was always a good atmosphere in the trailer. I loved it so much that when I went back a few years later I worked at their new trailer in Wanaka. Eriks seems to attract the right people as I had a great time working there the second time round too. It was amazing to see how far they had come in a few years and they were a firm favourite amongst locals. Erik and Anna are always looking to improve and try need food items on the menu so its great to have input on this… who would have thought deep fried kiwi could be so good! Talking of the food… its bloody brilliant. I never got tired of a staff meal, I lived off Chicken tenders and chips cheese and gravy! The Hoki fish is spot on too! They really look after you at Eriks and we had some great staff social events. Even when it wasn’t an official event we still went paddleboarding down the rivers after Erik would drop us off at the top in his baby, Bloss! Maybe if you play your cards right and she is still going Erik will let you take the beast for a spin!

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