Bluff Oysters, what’s all the fuss?

Date: March 18th, 2021

Just like the Queen loves her corgis and the Aussies claim the pavlova, there’s one thing all Kiwi’s are fiercely passionate about…and that’s Bluff Oysters. 

Some say (*cough cough) “Bluff Oysters are the finest Oysters in the world!”

So what makes them so mouth-watering? 

It could be the slow growing process in the cold, clean waters of Foveaux Strait. These oysters are far meatier than their other oyster-friends. And the flavours, far more intense. 

The Bluff Oyster season is a short one, so maybe that’s cause for a frenzy? From March until early August these little treasures are harvested out of the depth of the South. The dredging only takes place in calm weather, so supply is never guaranteed. 

It’s not just the taste that puts the fanatics in a tizz. Bluff Oysters are beautiful too. Varying in colour, from white to purple to brown. Inside, the shell is luminous and the flesh a mirage of has shades of white, grey, gold and black. 

So how best to eat such a delicacy? We think the simpler, the better. Raw, with a little squeeze of lemon is simply perfect!

If this has you craving the delicious shellfish just a little, we highly recommend Bluff Oyster Festival, May 22nd. A great day out, feasting on all the best the South has to offer. 

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